Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I bought this 33 inch rattan trunk (a Jennifer Farrell collection) at Big Lots a few months was marked down to $72.00, with an additional discount, bringing it to $55.00. Since there was a small (fixable) flaw it was again marked down to only $27.00. I was so excited at the bargain, that I did not look at the original price of $240.00 until I brought it home. It is used as my coffee also stores extra pillows, afghans and blankets in it.

I bought a picture at Good Will, liked the frame, but the picture was faded. I took a piece of gold, textured scrapbooking paper to replace it. I then used a transfer on the glass. I like the new recycled look. It reminds me of my friend Lynne. She not only has the word "smile" on her license plate, but she is always smiling and sees the good in everything.....

1 comment:

  1. What a clever idea for the picture frame...
    And....what a 'steal' for the trunk that you are using for a coffee table.