Saturday, June 27, 2009


Busy working on Jonny's scrapbook....on top of that the frig went out.....trying to remedy that situation.....

I am working on the high school aspect of my Jonny's life.....the football, track and was Jonny's favorite....after months of grueling practice....finally getting to play the first game in his freshman year, Jonny broke his leg in the first practice afterward.....but that did not discourage him.....he played varsity his sophmore, junior and senior years....making all confrence and all south.....he won awards in wrestling and of his friends wrote in the questbook at his memorial service .."to the man who couldn't be stopped".....but Jonny was modest about his awards, he just loved the game and being part of the team....he wanted everyone to be a part of the team...and no one to be left out...and like his big brother Brandon, he made friends easily...I am proud of both of my sons....


  1. I love the modesty and the humility that you posted about Jonny...a team who wouldn't be stopped. Honorable....very honorable. He sounds like just the kind of son every Mom wants. I am glad that Brandon makes friends easily. You have two fine here to hold you and help you through the tough times and one that smiles from heaven telling you that he is right there with you.
    On a different note....I'm sorry your refrigerator went on the blink. Why does that seem to happen in the middle of a hot summer....sigh. I hope that it is repaired soon. (How did the pioneers make it without the 'frig'....? ) :))
    As you scrapbook, know that I am thinking of you....with a hug.

  2. Thanks for the kind words....and I don't know how the pioneers made it without a frig or an air conditioner for that matter....I guess if you never had the luxury, you would never miss it...we just take it for granted...but then those were much simpler times...

  3. Thanks so much for sharing a part of Johnny with us. You picked just the right thing to share, I think that idea of playing to enjoy the game, including everyone, and having a true team spirit tells a lot about a person. I'm sure that is why he made friends easily, people are just naturally drawn to good.
    I'm sure Johnny had a good example in Brandon too. You have a lot to be proud of.

    I'd like to hear more.

    'Hope your refrigerator is fixed.

    All the best,

  4. What you are doing is very therapeutic (scrap booking about Jonny). Journaling (you're doing that here) is also good therapy.

    My friend Mimi lost three of her young, but grown sons at sea at the same time and she has made a memorial garden with a small statue of them in her backyard.

    Did this happen fairly recently? Have you joined or considered joining a parents' bereavement group? I joined any and every grief group I could find (almost), as well as read every book on grief. There are so many different aids to help us and each one works to some degree or another for each of us.

    blessings and prayers,