Sunday, July 26, 2009


I went to a baby shower yesterday afternoon. Peggy's daughter Lindsay is expecting a precious baby boy in September. Jackson is the chosen name. I remember trying to pick out a name when I was pregnant with Jonny. Laura Ann was the girl's name we picked. My husband liked the name John for a boy. I went to grade school with a boy who spelled his name, Jon. I liked the way it was spelled, and we both agreed on Jonathan. I looked up the meaning of Jonathan.....

The boy's name Jonathan \j(o)-na-than\ is pronounced JAHN-a-thun. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "gift of God". Biblical: the son of King Saul, Jonathan was noted for his manliness, generosity, and unselfishness.

He was a gift from God. He was generous and giving. He cared about those around him.

With my oldest son Brandon, we could not agree on a name. Being our first born, we struggled with the decision. I bought a baby name book, wrote down a list of boys and girls names. My husband went through the list of boys and narrowed it down to 2. Justin and Brandon. I liked Brandon better. However, I was in the labor room, and we were still wondering what we were going to do if the baby was a girl. We still could not agree on one.

The boy's name Brandon \b-ran-don, br(a)-ndon\ is pronounced BRAN-den. It is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "broom, gorse hill".

Based on our research, most people would imagine a person with the name Brandon to be: A tall, American boy, somewhat outgoing.

In one word, you might describe Brandon "outgoing" person.

This fits Brandon, he is very out going.


  1. I love to know etymologies of words and names.
    I tell you what got in the way of names when we (my husband and I) were trying to decide on our children's names: We both taught school...soooo, some names brought back memories that just wouldn't do ...:))
    (For instance, I had a student that completely destroyed my my car because I caught her smoking in the bathroom in middle school ....this was in the 1970's...) and so her name was definitely out of the running...:)
    Jonathan and Brandon are beautiful names.
    We decided on Michael and Lisa for our children's names. Our children are grown and married now.
    Hugs to you from me....

  2. I love both names that you picked for your boys. And it's kind of amazing that both names and meanings fit them perfectly.
    Two of our children were named after others (Erik for my husband's grandfather, and Elna-marie for my husband's grandmother [Elna] and my grandmother [Marie]), the rest we just liked the names (Brian, Katie, and Andrew), they are grown now and we have two grandchildren (and I love both their names, Jayden Marcellino, and Mia Rose).

    This was a nice post, Sandy, and also so nice to learn a little bit more about your life and about your boys.
    Love, Eileen

  3. The universe gets a tad smaller...guess what my middle daughter's name is? Laura Ann! And my first grandson (by my oldest daughter AnaMaria9 my middle names in Spanish, but she goes by Ria)...Jonathan!

    So interesting to hear what promts chosen names as well as the meaning of the names themselves.

    blessings and hugs,

  4. Yes, the universe does get smaller. My friends son's name is Nathan. I never noticed it before reading this that it is the last part of Jonathan, until I read the little quip. Her husband's has a son named Jonathan, too. It is a good name.

  5. Hi Sandy, I am catching up on post I missed while on vacation. I loved this one, I love the names you gave your children. My son's name was Scott and we called him Scotty. Oh I miss him everytime I say his name. Have you read any books by Elizabeth Edwards, what she experienced when her son Wade died was almost identical to my own experience. It helped me to know I was not alone and even after all these years I shed tears and thats oky....I am his mom and I love and miss him...:-) Hugs