Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday----Celebrating "Fat Tuesday with pancakes and doughnuts...two of my favorite meals. My church is having a Pancake Dinner tonight, with pancake races and Mardi Gras King & Queen. The Confirmands will prepare the ashes for Ash Wednesday by burning last years's Palm branches. Wish I could go, I have class tonight, but I will be there in spirit. To everyone else enjoy....Happy Fat Tuesday to YOU!!!!


  1. Oh, too bad you have to miss it, it sounds really nice.
    My brother-in-law is celebrating Mardi Gras in his church tonight, it's sort of a welcome home to church members who just got back from rebuilding in New Orleans, last year he made the trip but this year he wasn't able to go. We went to the Mardi Gras at his church last year and if the weather cooperates we'll be going tonight too.

    Today, I'm filling up on Lindt dark chocolate truffles because I will be giving them up for Lent along with a few other things!
    Happy Fat Tuesday!
    All the best,

  2. Lindt dark chocolate truffles.....yummy....

    I have always wanted to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans...or just New Orleans any time...

    There are several churches in my area that have helped rebuild in New Orleans

    Good to hear from you Eileen

  3. Those doughnuts and pancakes sound awesome! They are two of my favorites too! :)

  4. I had pancakes and bacon today....no meat tomorrow. I am giving up chocolate and my favorite beverage "white wine".
    So happy to see that you have posted and are still going to school.....I have missed you.
    ...........:-) Hugs