Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Never lose sight of your dreams 
When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you….Jiminy Cricket 
How many times have we heard these lyrics?? How many times have we given up on our dreams? But are we really giving up on our dreams or have we just gone off course in life. I look back at all the things I wanted to accomplish in life. Growing up I always wanted to be a writer, but oh yes I forgot, I wanted to be a stewardess too; I wanted to travel around the world.  I had visions of being an interior decorator and fashion merchandise career sounded like a great idea. I enjoyed learning about keeping fit and I had thought of being a nutritionist........
So, what happened?? Life happened. I was married and had two children, wondering what happened to those dreams. I went into the field of nursing, a far cry from the career choices that I chose growing up. I look at my niece and nephew, who knew exactly what they wanted to do and went to college straight out of high school to pursue their dreams. I have friends and colleagues who also followed their dreams. I admire and respect them for being so motivated and dedicated.  
Looking at what I have been through and accomplished throughout the years, I realize that I never lost sight of my dream. I just went about it in an entirely different way. No I am not an interior decorator, but I do enjoy decorating my home, giving each room a different theme. No, I am not a fashion merchandiser, but I enjoy putting different outfits together and mix-matching accessories with the clothes I already own. No, I did not become a stewardess and travel around the world, but I have lived in 5 states and visited at least 20 of them, I also have been to Canada and Mexico. In addition, I will be traveling on a cruise this year and to Italy the next year. I may not be a nutritionist or fitness expert per se but I am a health educator, in which I continually learn and teach about healthy lifestyles. 
So maybe traveling down a different path, instead of the one I envisioned traveling down on, is not so bad after all. Because of all my dreams and aspirations, I have been able to incorporate this into my life. 

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